Our Mission:  To Promote and Support a Comprehensive Emergency Care System.

The North Central Region EMS & Trauma Care Council, DBA North Central Emergency Care Council is a non-profit corporation established in 1991. We work with the Washington State Department of Health and our regional healthcare partners to ensure the continuation of the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care system in our communities.


LifeLine Ambulance Service UTV with Patient Transport Ability

Offering these units as a resource to any agency in Chelan / Douglas and Okanogan County should any agency have a need if the regional office could help pass along the information.  They are both Polaris Rangers 900 Crew Cabs, with patient caring ability in  a stokes basket as well as mobile radio for communications.

If an agency has a need for this Specialty Unit they can request it through the dispatch center and we are able to have it on the road with in 10 minutes.  It will come with a driver, stokes, if the agency would need additional medical personnel we can also provide as well we would need to know that at the time of dispatch.

If you have any questions please contact or if agency have any questions they can contact me as well.

Thank you,
Wayne Walker – General Manager / Paramedic
Office: 509-422-4212

“Getting the Right patient, to the Right hospital,

in the Right amount of time”

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