Trauma Plan

 Department of Health Regional Contracts

In accordance with RCW 70.168, the Department of Health, Office of EMS and Trauma Prevention contracts with the eight Regional EMS and Trauma Care Councils in Washington state to provide funds for regional assessment, planning, and implementation of EMS and trauma system building activities. Contracting is done on an annual basis (each state fiscal year, July 1 through June 30).

Revised Code of Washington  (RCW, Law)

Washington Administrative Code (WAC, Rules)

The scope of work outlined in regional contracts is divided into two components: development and clinical/operational activities. Development activities encompass the review, development, and implementation of regional patient care procedures and mutual aid agreements, assessment of the regional EMS communications system, and participation in local and regional disaster planning. Regions are also expected to facilitate communication among facilities and DOH on issues regarding trauma designation.

North Central Region Strategic Plan 2017-2019


Exhibit B Reporting

FY17 Annual Report

FY18 EMS Trauma Regional Deliverables Report – August 2017

FY18 EMS Trauma Regional Deliverables Report – October 2017

FY18 EMS Trauma Regional Deliverables Report – December 2017

FY18 EMS Trauma Regional Deliverables Report – February 2018

DOH Min/Max Guidelines; standardized method for use in determining the need for verified services





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