Council Structure

North Central Region EMS & Trauma Care Council Structure

Hospital Representatives:

Grant County:

Chelan County:          Kelly Allen

Okanogan County:

Prehospital Representatives:

Greater Wenatchee EMS:           Michael Stanford         Linda Nuñez

Grant County EMS:                     Rick Paris                     Elli Nelson

Okanogan/N. Douglas EMS:       Tonya Vallance            Theresa Remsberg

Local Government Representative (involved in EMS/TC services)

At-Large                      Carol Boyce

At-Large                      Brian Pulse

Medical Program Director

At-Large                      Vacant

Air Medical Representative:



Local Elected Official Representative (not involved in EMS/TC services)

At – Large

Tribal Official Representative:

At- Large

Law Enforcement Representative:

At- Large

Local Health District Representative:

At- Large                     Lauri Jones

Emergency Management Representative:

At-Large                      Rich Magnussen

Communications/Dispatch Representative:

At -Large

Consumer Representative:


Finance/Accountant       Brett Henkle 



WA State Department of Health Consultant:

Catie Holstein

Regional Council Office Staff:

Rinita Cook, Executive Director

Diane Olshavsky, Administrative Support


Regional Council Articles of Incorporation

NCECC Bylaws approved 2017-08-02

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