Chelan/South Douglas County HP CPR Workshop

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the Workshops”

If you were unable to attend one of the workshops, please have your training officer direct you on who may review the materials and training components with you before you teach HP CPR.


*MPD Approved Instructor Tool Kit for HP CPR Training*

Chelan-South Douglas County Cardiac Arrest Protocol *2-2014*

Chelan-South Douglas County EMS Resuscitation Mantra

Science of CPR Brief Presentation Dr. Jobe       (Large PP file)

Science of CPR Brief presentation with notes Dr. Jobe    (pdf. file)


Fun Training Presentation created by Christina Eickmeyer that includes the Mantras, a well as the Micro Educational Components and the Macro Education practiced at the Workshops. Please feel free to edit the presentation to represent your Agency.

Resuscitation Training


Skill Sheet with ALS Integration to be used for HP CPR Training and OTEP CBT Module, Science of CPR

HP CPR OTEP Skill Sheet


AHA HCP CPR Instructors

For pre-hospital providers in Chelan-S. Douglas County who respond with EMS and need a HCP CPR Card, this Skill Sheet is to be utilized for the course delivered.

Approved AHA HP CPR Skill Sheet

*The Skill Sheet provided is AHA & TC Approved; Instructors may utilize for ALL Chelan/S. Douglas Providers taking an AHA Course.
* Meets the 2014 AHA CPR Quality Consensus Statement recommendations for resuscitation.
*AHA Instructors may provide an AHA CPR Card to participants utilizing this skill testing sheet.


Things to Remember!

* Eliminate ALL unnecessary interruptions!

* Micro; CAB Approach
D-Depth of Compressions
R-Rate of Compressions


* Only Medtronic/Physio Control AED’s will allow compressions during the charging   phase!


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