County Protocols


Chelan-South Douglas EMT-P Protocols *2-2012*

Chelan-South Douglas County Cardiac Arrest Protocol *2-2014*

Pandemic Protocol

Protocol for Caring for Potentially Serious Infections, such as Ebola, 10-24-2014

Additions to ALS Protocols for Intranasal Fentanyl and Narcan

Addition of IN Fentanyl to ALS protocols 2017-09-01

Addition of IN Nalaxone to ALS protocols 2017-09-01


Fire Fighter Rehab Protocol

Formal Fire Rehab Protocol 2016-08
Rehabilitation and Medical Monitoring
Fire Fighter Rehabilitation Monitoring Form

Chelan – South Douglas County MPD Approved Rocuronium Protocol 2015-12-15

Long Spine Board Immobilization Protocol

Implementation Date: September 30, 2015

Please review with your agency personnel during training this month.
You may also attend the monthly EMS meeting on Sept. 29th, 9:00
Douglas County Fire District 2

Long Spine Board Immobilization Guidelines 2015-09-28

Executive-Summary-Spine-Injury 2015-06-01


Before use of the Tourniquet Protocol; all personnel must be trained with the MPD Approved training materials provided.

Prezi Presentation pdf

ALS Tourniqet Protocol 2015-06

BLS Tourniquet Protocol 2015-06

Levophed Protocol July 2013

CPAP Protocol and Training Materials

Chelan- South Douglas CPAP Protocol July 2013

Chelan- South Douglas CPAP Training PowerPoint July 2013

Chelan-South Douglas ASA for Acute Coronary Syndrome
*this Protocol replaces the Aspirin Protocol in ALL EMT Protocols*

Chelan-South Douglas EMT-B Protocols

Chelan-South Douglas EMT-IV Protocols

Chelan-South Douglas EMT-IV/AW Protocols

Chelan-South Douglas EMT Standing Orders for Glucometry

SPHERE Information and Supporting Documents for Training

SPHERE Article

SPHERE-Alert Card FAQs

Aftercare Instructions Blood Pressure

Aftercare Instructions High Blood Sugar

Aftercare Instructions Low Blood Sugar

Cardiac and Stroke System for Chelan/S. Douglas County

Regional Cardiac and Stroke Patient Care Procedure

Chelan/ S. Douglas Stroke County Operating Procedure
Stroke Triage Destination Procedure
Chelan/ S. Douglas Prehospital STROKE Data Form

Chelan/S. Douglas Cardiac County Operating Procedure
Cardiac Triage Destination Procedure
Chelan/S. Douglas Prehospital Cardiac Data Form



Epi Intramuscular Injection PPT

Epinephrine Administration For Experience EMT’s

EPI IM Skill Evaluation Check Off Sheet

Protocol Change-Midazolam for seizures 6-2012

Intramuscular vs. Intravenous Therapy for Prehospital Status Epilepticus

Ketamine protocol and PowerPoint presentation for Training

Addition of Ketamine to ALS protocols 6-2012

Ketamine Introduction and Training PowerPoint


Mass Casualty All-Hazards Protocols

ALL Chelan S. Douglas County Operating Procedures

Regional Patient Care Procedures

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