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Clarification regarding ALS OTEP and Intubation requirements

 ALS Providers,

 There has been some confusion recently regarding requirements for ALS recertification.


  1. For the initial certification period (3 years) a total of 36 intubations are required. 
  2. For all subsequent certification periods, a total of 12 intubations are required.
  3. This requirement is more than the State minimum.
  4. Mannequin tubes may only account for 1-2 tubes for the ENTIRE certification period.  So if you’re in your first cycle, you will need at least 34 tubes on humans.
  5. Post-mortem intubations can count, but not multiple tubes on the same body (unless cleared by me due to using different techniques etc).
  6. More senior medics can count intubations that they are CLOSELY supervising.  You should clear with me first if you fall in that category.  Being in you second certification cycle does not qualify as a senior medic.

 OTEP Training:

  1. The OTEP plans that you all have call for 24 hours/year of Tuesday series lectures (72 hours per certification cycle)
  1. In addition, there are  8 hours/year of elective time.
  1. This elective time was meant for things like the Paramedic Lecture Series (PLS) in Leavenworth.
  1. Other than the PLS, elective time needs pre-approval from me.
  1. In order to support PLS, if you attend the ENTIRE course (all 24 hours), in that year you can use an additional 10 hours from that course to reduce the hours for Tuesday series.  In other words, in that year, you would only need 14 hours of Tuesday series.
  1. The EMS Online ALS OTEP modules will count hour for hour against your Tuesday series requirements.  For example, if you did 4 hours of EMS Online ALS OTEP modules, your Tuesday series requirement for that year would 20 hours.  If you also attended all 24 hours of the PLS, then your total Tuesday series requirement for that year would be reduced to 10 hours.

I realize this is complicated, but this is due to trying to balance flexibility in the process with having a set standard with which to measure up to.

I hope this helps clarify the process.

 Also, the contract has been signed with Anesthesia Associates for getting into the OR for intubations.

Thank you,

Lance W. Jobe, MD, FACEP



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